Thinking about boarding your dog(s)? Here are some good reasons to consider boarding at Butternut Creek kennels.

  • Our building is heated and air-conditioned and the dogs are housed in one of three large rooms in kennels appropriate for their size.
  • If they do not come with their own bed or blanket we will provide one of ours as long as they are not destructive.
  • Boarding dogs are let out into their spacious, secure and covered runs a minimum of three times a day.

Early AM: While their kennels and the building is vacuumed and mopped and their food is prepared.
Early PM: Out for several hours (weather permitting)
Late PM: Around 10PM out for a short time before bedtime (like most of us do with our dogs and most kennels and vet clinics do not)

  • Boarding dogs are fed twice a day unless otherwise requested by the owner.
  • We do not use harsh chemicals for cleaning – only soap, water and bleach.
  • We can handle special needs pets – special diets – more exercise – playtime – medications, etc.
  • Grooming including expert nail trimming is available by appointment.