It goes without saying that cats require an entirely different approach to boarding than dogs. They don’t go outside to exercise and they usually don’t like to run and jump around for exercise like the dogs do. Instead, cats like to able to climb and stretch – a lot of them also prefer to find a quiet, secure, maybe even hidden, place to rest.

Our boarding cats stay in a separate room from the dogs – they have multi-level cat condos as their quarters where they can climb to an upper shelf or scratch at a scratching post or, if they prefer, find a cozy corner to hang out in. Their litter boxes are cleaned daily and they always have fresh water and food available. If your cat is a finicky eater or needs a special diet, feel free to bring it along and we will make sure they get what you provided. They have a cat bed to curl up in but occasionally we find that they have crawled under the bed and use it as a place to lurk and watch their neighbors from.

Speaking of neighbors – we have 4 permanent residents in the cat room who basically have the run of the room. They were strays who showed up in the horse barn who ended up staying after being spayed, neutered and vaccinated. if your cat is really social, with your permission we sometimes let them out to visit with ours.

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